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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions

What this blog about?

This blog is all about the latest technology that emerging in the 21st century, the cloud is the future of the world. The time when all data is stored in the cloud is not so far, so this blog and website solely purpose is to provide knowledge about the cloud services.

Did You Charge For this information?

No, defiantly not like you I am student to I believe in sharing knowledge because that what we humans made for to share and extend our knowledge to reach them to others. So please be assure I never ask you to pay me anything. This blog is By students and For Students.

How we can contribute to this blog?

Well I am glad you ask so, I am single man handled more than 40+ blog alone I definitely need somebody help, so if you have any kind of knowledge related to any thing that you think might help students out their help them to grow please write mail to me at Sourabh@hackercommunity.org.

Did the Cloud Platform You mentioned Charged ?

No, they don’t charged you until you have a valid student id that you can proved to them you are still a student and cannot pay them and you want to learn their technology . When they approve you get your premium license. Bingo ! there you done for free everything .

I want to know about something that not mentioned in the website? How to reach you?

I am happy to write about things that not mentioned in this site, please feel free to contact me through our contact me form mentioned below the website area in Quick Links and In the Top sectioned of the Blog, if you are using a mobile device please click on the Three dot icon at the top write website site logo and you will see a slide will open from the left side and there it is your contact from.

Want to start my own blog but not have resources?

Hello there , don’t worry if you don’t have money that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Please refer to the section For Student(you can find this option in the top of website as well as below the website). I mentioned all free stuff there that you can get for free and that is not illegal because the companies themselves give you permission to use their services after you verify that you are a student. If you still unable to verify that please contact me through contact from . I am more than happy to guide you.

Which Companies gives us free licenses?

Well, as per my research almost 70% of the tech companies have free plans for students or either some kind of offer like 40% 50% off for the student. Mostly Google, AWS(Amazon Web services, GitHub Education which has more than 100+ free premium stuff and everything that estimated cost is around $50000 USD dollar and Also Microsoft and IBM . I thinks almost every tech giant have these kind of plan you have to just search the write term in google search.

I am pro in understanding how to redeem offers?

Happy to know that someone is out there is good at understanding ,if you don’t need any guide or blog or step by step tutorial head over to redeem page and redeem any offer you want , just simply click on the offer you want to get and the browser will take you to the third party website which providing the offer for student . fill out your student info and happy student license. learn as much as can.

If you any other question other than frequently asked question please send me through contact me form I will later mentioned them here and reply to you through email in 24 hours.